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The pandemic outbreak of corona virus was initially identified in Wuhan,China. The out break has lead to global concern as most countries are shutdown in order to stop the spread of the infectious disease.

The disease is known as COVID-19, as the 19 indicates the year (2019) it broke out as virulent to humans and is caused by infection from the new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, which is one of multiple coronaviruses that can be transmitted to humans. Virus is very contagious as the transmission is through body fluids.

Corona virus outbreak
Corona virus


Global record has it that more than 1,100,000 people have confirmed infected by the virus in 181 countries and regions. The number is inreasing on hourly bases worldwide. Records are taken by authorities concerned on infectious rate of the virus.

It have been recorded that More than 58,000 infected patients have been confirmed dead. This figure is on constant increase.

Reported U.S. cases  tolls over 300,000 with more than 8,000 deaths. Cases have been found in all 50 states. Due to limited testing supplies, health experts believe the number of U.S. people with the disease is likely much higher. This makes United States the highest, followed by Italy with approximately 200,000 confirmed patients. 

Nigerian report on the cases of Corona virus

Africans have continual recording cases of the virus. Nigeria which is the giant of Africa is   recording 224 individuals infected with corona virus today.  Testing and counting of individuals with corona virus will be challenging. This is as a result of the fast spreading rate of infection. The government of Nigeria is putting extra effort to reduce the infecting rate of the virus.

Most of the states in the country is undergoing “sit at home measure”. NCDC (Nigerian center for Disease Control) is working hard in sensitizing the masses on how best to stay safe from the corona virus.

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control Sunday morning confirmed new cases of corona virus.

Ten new cases of #COVID19 have been reported in Nigeria. Six confirmed in Lagos, two in FCT Abuja and two in Edo state as stated by NCDC.

Twenty-seven patients have been discharged with five deaths tolls.

While the total number of the tested patients is not made public, it is widely believed that Nigeria is not testing people enough due to limited testing kits.

Nigeria received test kits and protective gear from China’s richest man, Jack Ma, to help fight novel corona virus.  From the report of Americans finding out that some of the kits are testing positive to Corona virus.  This may hinder citizens using face masks and testing kits.

It is the responsibility of all to adhere and implore all precautions to fight the pandemic.