Who we are

Biological sciences as launched in 2019 incorporates a group of tutors in biological sciences, whose purpose was to simplify knowledge in areas of biology, biotechnology, biochemistry and virtually have the scope of touching all areas of biological sciences.

Our tutors are knowledgeable in areas of research and education. We are inclined in simplifying ambiguous topics for an average scholar.

Our educational contents are built with with simplified and friendly approach to make the world of knowledge easy and entertaining.

Mission Statement

The Advent of this site has missions to accomplish.

1.  To eradicate the negative believe by scholars that education/learning is hard/difficult.

2.  To uplift the spirit of research by motivating scholars to engage in more research.

3. To simplify knowledge to by building from the basics.

4.  To bridge distance barrier by engaging students in private tutorial.

We have been concerned right from the onset of this platform, to bring back the spirit of learning and research as an average scholar thinks learning is difficult. We implore friendly approach to cub the of social presence and concern in our contents. We build knowledge from the basic as our authors are trained to simplify knowledge.

Our Vision

As visionaries, we aim at building a broadband recognized platform that will produce great personalities of reputable knowledge and character in the field of biological sciences.

We are visioned to launch an online well recognized academic institution in a nearby future.

Our authors

Our authors/tutors are trained personalities in the field of study with many years of experience. Our are from different disciplines in biological sciences with reputable academic qualifications.

Chief editor

Mgbeahuruike Jude
Chief Editor/CEO

Mgbeahuruike Jude holds the position of the CEO and chief editor of this platform. He is a reputable academia in biochemistry, in Abia State University Uturu, Nigeria. He is a renown tutor with 10 years experience. He has published journals.

The team of tutors will work to bring out the best of knowledge.

We still maintain our #1 tutor site.