Equipments used in a tissue culture laboratory

Let’s look at the machineries and equipments used in growing plants artificially in test tube or other Glass wares.
The work of tissue culture is brought about by the working together of machines and human resource. Equipments used ranges from electrical gadgets like
Laminal flow hood
Water distiller
Weighing balance
pH meter
magnetic stirrer
glass bead sterilizer etc
and other equipments like
Tiles etc.
Laminal Flow Hood/cabinet
This equipment provides a sterile working bench and environ where plants are cultured. The equipment is of various types. It has an air chamber that blows air out of the working bench, hence aiding the carrying away of microbial life from the immediate environ. It also has ultraviolent light which is used to sterilize the bench before use.

The autoclave is another key equipment used in the laboratory. It is used to achieve the work of sterilization of both other apparatus used in tissue culture, decontaminating of explants and sterilizing distilled water, prepared media and culturing equipments.

Water distiller
This equipment is used to produce distilled water which is used during culturing process.

Equipment for distilling water

Weighing balance
This equipment is used in the measurement of salts, vitamins, hormones, sugar and others used in preparation of media and stock solutions of compounds used.

Weighing equipment for tissue culture
Weighing balance

pH meter
The equipment is used to check an adjust the hydrogen potentials of media prepared. 1M NaOH and 1M HCl are used to adjust the value of the pH

Hydrogen potential adjustment equipment
pH meter

Magnetic stirrer
It is used to mix and obtain a homogenous mixture of components. The equipment is used in the preparation of media and stock solutions.

Stirring tool/ equipment for tissue culture
Magnetic stirrer 

This equipment is used to dispense a given quantity of liquid at multiple times instead of measuring manually.

Dispenser equipment for tissue culture
Dispenser for tissue culture

This equipment is used in heating of media to dissolve the gelrite, phytagel or agar that is introduced into the media to make it semi-solid.

Microwave equipment for tissue culture
microwave in tissue culture

This equipment is used to cut and hold explants during culturing and subculturing of explants.

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